Lifestyle and Storytelling photography in Hong Kong

A personalised and customised service for you, your family and partner

As a photographer I love to see interaction between people and catch those true and honest moments that beloved ones share.

For me a photograph tells a story. It tells the story of you and your family or partner.   When I photograph I love to collect

moments that will show connection, love and interaction.  I am most happy as a photographer when I get to capture those strong

and meaningful emotions.  When  I see you having fun and experiencing joy with your family or partner it really means the world to me.

To be in the moment with my camera is so peaceful. It brings me so much happiness when I see the memory that I created for you.

Capture Life by Chantal provides you a personalised photography service.

Sessions are designed to fit your family best and packages are customised for your wishes.

 Together we will make sure you will have those beautiful images and memories for the future.


There is nothing better than capturing REAL moments in real life

My name is Chantal Brands, the artist behind the camera.

I been born and raised in The Netherlands with my mother, father and brother.  The village where I lived was small and safe.

My times as a kid where very playful and creative. We would meet up with all the kids from the neighbourhood and play outdoors.

These memories I treasure  a lot. I wish my mom would sneak up on us and take candid images to catch those real moments because those images would have told the story of our childhood.

I think thats why I started photography. To find those small moments that people share during interaction gives me so much joy and happiness.

Before starting as a professional photography I worked as a Psychomotor non-verbal Therapist with kids and adults. It learned me a lot about interactions, dynamics

and development of people. There a lot of things in common when your a therapist because you need some of the same skills.

You need to be observant, you need to be kind, understanding and empathetic.

I really want to capture your milestones in life. together we will create a real memory for you to look back at thats why I choose to go with storytelling and candid photography.

For me it is important want to create an environment where you feel like yourself so the outcome of your session will be very natural and authentic.