5 things to do with your family at home with rainy weather


I know space is limited in Hong Kong but I am a big fan of staying at home when it rains and that is why you need to be even more creative if it comes to playtime at home with kids.

As I grew up in the Netherlands we got lots of rainy days (only not as heavy) and because of that we always where very flexible in our play.

Where I grew up they did not have fancy indoor playgrounds or a lot of museums.

My mom was always super creative with activities at home. So that is why I want to inspire you to get creative around the house. 

Some of these activities are also great if we have bad weather during

 Day in the Life photo sessions.

1: Building Tents in the living room

One of the things me and my brother would do during rainy weather was making tents.

My mom would have some old blankets and bedsheets that we could use and she would let us free to explore and create our own tents.

In our case we would use our own bedrooms but with the limited space in Hong Kong your can easily use your living room.

To build the tent we would use things like the mopping stick, big pillows, rope, blankets, clothespins and other household objects. 

If your kids are not old enough to build themselves you can just build a small tent and put some soft mattresses and pillows on the floor.

I can image your child loves to be together in a tent with mom/dad.

2: Movie afternoon with home made popcorn

I still think that rainy days create an cozy environment because your bound at home together.

When its raining I always feel like curling up the bench with a blanket (okay not blanket during summers in HK) and have some home made popcorn with a good movie.

I know a lot of parents cutting down screen time for their children but there is something different about watching a movie together with the family.

The proces of making popcorn would also be something to include your kids in as it is super interesting to see how the corn pops.

If you have a big pan with a glass cover I would suggest you use that.

When your kids are restless and don’t want to sit down with you just choose a children’s movie that you like yourself

and serve your kids some popcorn. Even as an adult I love children movies. 

Watching a movie is the perfect excuse to take it slow that day.

3: Face paining and dressing up

I loved dressing up as a kid. We had a big box of themed close to dress up with. Which me and my brother used a lot.

I also loved dressing up my brother. Not sure he liked that but it worked. We would be occupied with that activity for a couple of hours.

Also dressing up can stimulate role play which is great to get your kids interactive and playful. If your a creative mom or dad just experiment with some face painting.

Go to Pinterest and find some inspiration. Kids love face paint. You can even let your kids face paint your face if your adventures. 

4: Make a sand free sandbox 

I know in Hong Kong they don’t really have sandboxes at home but we had a small one and we loved playing in there with good weather.

Some kids really enjoy playing with sand when they are on the beach.

As an alternative you can create a sand free sandbox.

Use a super large plastic bin, cover the floor with some plastic and let them play.

Use oatmeal or rice as a base and let them use spoons, cars, funnels, scoops,

a plastic tea set or whatever you like to use. Just let them play and use their senses in a different way. Just make sure you have your vacuum cleaner near by.

5: Just do nothing!! 

Sometimes you just don’t have to do nothing. In this society kids are so stimulated to do things all the time and we fill in their lives for them.

Why not let them do nothing for a change and see what happens. Big chance they will feel bored and will discover their own play.

Just follow their play and see where it heads to. Maybe you end up jumping on the bed together. 

Do you want to know how we can use these activities in a family photo session?