I respect this mom so much and her story is so inspiring. Alissa came to Hong Kong a couple of years ago. Traveling the world for work and living in different places. Hong Kong had a big place in her hart and she knew she would return sometime soon. Being a career women she decided to take the leap of faith and adopt. Within a couple of months after starting the process she welcomed Margaret in her home. With the help of their wonderful nanny they make a great and caring home for Margaret.

I have been feeling so blessed to be part of this story by capturing some special places and moments for them.

Margaret was being so much fun and just a cheeky toddler having a mind of her own.

We had a bit of a schedule planned together but because DITL does not interfere with the daily routine of course the whole plan fell apart.

We ended up shopping, going to the library and just staying at home which is totally fine. Exploring Kennedy Town together was so much fun.