Why albums work great for family photo sessions.


The world of printing is unknown for most of my clients.

 7 out of 10 clients that I helped have never printed any of their family photos and did not even consider of buying an album at that time.

I guess I do not blame my clients , it mostly takes a lot of time to do it yourself when life gets in the way. 

Also to invest in an album is a pricey thing but why do I recommend to really overthink choosing a photographer that offers albums with their sessions. 

When you are printing family photos you are preserving memories for future generations. Having an album gives such a traditional feeling to it.

That is why I would love to share all the 3 reasons why everyone should print their photos in a beautiful family album. 


To start with the worst thing that can happen to your images (it also happened to me a long time ago)!!

Your computer/laptop crashes or gets stolen and you realised your photos where not backed up properly. I know super dumb but it happend to me 10 years ago.

From that time period I have lost everything because I never owned an external hard drive and I am not sure Clouds even existed.

These days  people luckily do use their Clouds and external harddrives and I do definitely encourage every client to do so.

But digitals are just digitals. There is truly noting special about sitting behind a laptop to watch your photos.

It is so much more cozy and special to sit on the couch with your kids or family and take your beautiful big photo album. To go through every single page and photo.

Feel the weight of the book and the smoothness of the pages. I think it is just a more unique experience. 

Like most adults might still remember their big photo albums that mom always crafted from their family peeks. It just has a special feeling on owning this kind of photo album. 


Why do we know so much about our ancestors. That is because they wrote, painted and at one point started to make photos.

These days we of course have our technology and I feel we are just trusting the convenience of the internet and all other intelligent solutions .

But what happens to your photos and images if all of a sudden a system changes.  You can’t print any images from Facebook with keeping it High Quality.

Do you remember those video players with the big tapes? They changed to DVD players and our cassette players changed

to Discmans and than iPod and iPhones happened. Did you ever convert your old home videos to dvd’s. I  DID NOT and my mom also forgot.

So as I said, systems change. Computers change and technology will also be different in 10 years.

I wish I had an old video player too look back at my home videos and see if there was a way to get all those photos back from my old computer that got lost.

So how do we look back at those memories from the past.

Technology changes but a book is never ever a bad investment. If you treat your printed albums right they can last for generations.



Creating a family album will also create long lasting memory of your family.

When printing your images  I will make sure that we will choose the best, most epic and authentic photos of your photo session.

My goal is to create something so special for you so that you will feel that your story comes alive.