A Day in YOUR life; Day in the life photography

Day in the life photography is a popular photography style in America, Australia and Europe. It captures RAW moments. Moments that are truly happening.

Nothing is staged by the photographer. Not the backdrop, not the emotions. There are no directions at all from me as a photographer.

That afternoon or day I will be like a shadow following you and your family around. You will just follow your normal routine.

Daily activities and even breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything is possible.

I do describe it as a behind the scenes of your life. Of course this peek behind your life from my point of view as a photographer.

Why do I love this style? Its just so much more unique than the typical Soho, Sheung Wan or park photo sessions. There will be no other family

with the same situations because you don’t have to pretend or stand in front of a backdrop.


So when you feel like you want an unique documentation of your family and a real fun afternoon please feel free to give me a phone call so I can explain more

about this way of photography.

Day in the life photography sessions be available from 4 hours, 6 hours or a full day.

The investment of a Day in the life photography sessions will start from 9.750HKD and different packages are available.