Playful, interactive and non-posed photography

When I work with families I would like to join them to a place that is meaning full to them.

I prefer to document your afternoon in a storytelling and non-posed way.

To warm you up, we will play games &

run around & answer funny questions

With the very little ones we will try to get a connection going and show love to each other.

I might go for the more unexpected moment and image  instead the one where everyone looks in to the camera. This will create a more realistic vision on your family and will show you the moment it is right now.

My vision is to create a connection between you so the moments I capture will be spontaneous and real.

Non-posed photography means;

playing, interacting, snuggling on the bed with your newborn, running around, 

flying in the air, giving high fives, tell each other about your best memories and

sharing moments of proud

It is about the love you have for each other as a family



Visit the wet markets, with the colourful fruit and flower stalls. Or sit down in Elgin street to eat some noodles and dumplings. You might feeling like running in Peel street because there is no one around.


Go from the slides or be in the swing for five minutes. We could have a picknick or run around in the park the whole afternoon.
* Cyberport park
* Victoria peak gardens
* Happy Valley playground/racecourse


If you like Chinese doors and graffiti Sheung wan is the place to be.
There are a lot of hidden small streets where we can work, the trams an of course cat street
Also Tai Ping Shan Street has a great view.
We will create That East meets West feeling.


Photo sessions with Newborns we always have at your home.
The only thing I need is a lot lot lot of window light and some space to work with.
Its more comfortable with a baby to stay in your own environment.

“Chantal was very calm and gentle with my baby”

Chantal was lovely to work with. She made my daughter feel completely at ease and took some great photos of her that look very natural.

She was a pleasure to have around and at no point did we feel rushed or under pressure

Camilla Worthington; Hong Kong

“Chantal was so patient throughout and we felt totally at ease”

Highly recommended and we’ll definitely hire Chantal again in future photoshoots!

Yanny Leung; Hong Kong

” Chantal was so Natural and made everyone feel so comfortable during the shoot”

She captured the precious moments precisely! LOVE, love, love Chantal’s work!

Jessica Luchango; Hong Kong

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