The intimate pre wedding session of Kelly and Albert in Sai Kung

The perfect location in Sai Kung for an intimate pre wedding session

I was so happy to be a part of Kelly and Albert their love story.

So on a Sunday afternoon I traveled all the way to this beautiful beach area in Sai Kung to capture the intimate pre wedding session.

It was the right day, right light, right temperature. Just a perfect place to be that day.

I tried to invite the couple to show some pure emotions and we played a lot of interactive games to create a comfortable setting.

Create a safe place for emotions is very important when you want to photograph a couple with their purest feelings.

This is what I also did with Kelly and Albert.

The reason that we did this photo session was to all get to know each other better because I will be part of THEIR big day.

We even saw bit of the sunset but unfortunately the clouds kicked in shortly after the sun started to set.

Besides that it just was a romantic and intimate photo session and I really felt like I got to know the future bride and groom.

Just such sweet people with a big heart for each other.

If your ready for your intimate beloved photo session please feel free to contact me and we discuss the opportunities.