What are the moments that make you click the shutter?


Today everybody has an iPhone and Mobile phone with acces to decent photography options to capture every day life.

But what are the moments that make you click the shutter? What moments do you want to remember when your older and your kids are grown ups?

In this blog I share my secrets towards authentic photographs of your family.

The power of documentary family photography is capturing every day situations

that will remind you on how life was having small children around the house.

When I show up at your doorstep to capture your family during a Day in the Life photo session or a on Adventure session I am ready to be surprised by your life. 

Okay that sound a bit vague but honestly I have no expectations of how a session is going to be.

The beauty of creating authentic moments is to NOT create the moment but let the moment pass by and click the shutter when the moment is there.

You can imagine it takes time, patience and observatory skills. These are the skills you need when you want to take a very candid shot of your child. LET THE MOMENT HAPPEN.

An other thing that I hear a lot from my client is “my child never laughs at the camera”.

Imagine your having a phone screen or camera in your face and someone asks you to smile (but I mean smile like you mean it)

do you think that will create a relaxed situation for your child?

Also documentary family photography is the perfect way to have a easy, non-posed or forced photo session with your family.

Where you really don’t have to do anything! You can just follow your Saturday/Sunday routine with me hanging around.

There is one trick I always use for a session to get “everyone” comfortable.

I connect with your children before I start paparazzi them around the houses.  I will try get to know them, talk a little and than introduce my MR OWL and camera to your child. 

After this introduction it is time to be on top of your kids to capture them. So they feel comfortable and feel at ease to just do their own things.

For me the little details and situations are the reason to click my shutter. Its not always the obvious shot and the photo you wil expect but it shows the true character of your kids and your family.