I love to peak in to the lives of little Newborn Babies and their families

The house of this Newborn baby was a dream for every lifestyle photographer. I was so stunned by the light.

After arriving in this home I met these wonderful parents. First time parents of a  Newborn baby girl.

It was so special to see them with their little baby and getting comfortable with being parents.

When I spoke to dad he told me he needed to get used to all the new things but that he unconditionally loved their little daughter.

I could see the love of them shining trough. They where both very tired but excited about this new life and all he wonderful changes.

Seeing your child grow up and grow must be the one of the most special things in life.

I am so happy for them they got to have a sweet girl to take care of

I truely believe this was one of my favorite places I have been to capture a babies life.

Hopefully I will meet them again when this lady is all bigger.

Realistic and natural Newborn photography