Lifestyle Newborn Photography at your own home.

For me the most challenging thing with Newborn Photography in Hong Kong is that the spaces to work in are mostly very small.

Maybe you have some awesome lightning in your home but in most apartments this is not the case.

 Natural light in your home is very important to me when working with a newborn.

Luckily I am very creative in these low light situations and find it very challenging to seek light.

Lifestyle photographers like me love natural light with Newborn Photography.  It is also very comfortable  for you as a family to stay in your own home with your new baby.

Besides the fact that staying at home is much more relaxed,  it also represents your family better.

 You can keep your structure of the day and  there is no need to put your baby to sleep for our photo session.

A Newborn Photography Session should be relaxed and time to spend quality time with each other.

“Life with a newborn is not perfect and posed!

Having a newborn is a wonder, it is being tired, having sleepless nights but it also is pure love and beauty. Let me capture these real and true moments for you”

Sometimes I get very lucky with my location. Like this time with this wonderful family.

This family was so great and they had a very nice spacious home in Pok Fulam with a lot of natural light.

They opened the doors for me to show me how it is to live your life  with a newborn baby and a toddler.

A very natural photo session where everyone could be their selves.

For me its important that you don’t have to pose during the photo session. Instead of posing we will find comfortable area’s in the house and enjoy time together.

I will capture your life in this moment of time.

Being in this session ment coping with lot of toys. A dog running around and a toddler wanting to play. I always feel very special that I can spend the time with a beautiful newborn baby (boy).

Newborn Photography at home can be challenging but I love to search for the light and be creative with your home.

If you are interested in Lifestyle Newborn Photography

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