A great afternoon in the park.

It was such a great day when I met Christelle and her family.

We went to my favorite park  in Hong Kong. Just the space we have there and the

colours are pure and beautiful. Although to travel there it takes some time but its so worth it.

The focus of this session was to really enjoy an afternoon in the park and not to bother to pose to much. So I did interact

with the  family but did not always direct them to work with me and I just let them be.

There was a lot of sunshine and I guess it was one of the last warms days before winter arrived in

Hong Kong.We did run together, we made bubbles, we just enjoyed sitting together in the warm weather.

I love to have active and semi interactive sessions with families.

Why is this park a great spot for a family session? Because kids can move free, play, run.

When going on the right time of the day the colours of the grass, trees are just perfect for my style.

I like the urban sessions but sessions in a park give me a bit more room to observe and catch moments

that are not staged (or I helped staged) at all.So next time you want to plan a photo session think about traveling for

a bit and choose a location that gives you the freedom to create a real relaxed atmosphere.

“Enjoy real moments with your family”