Meet Mandy and Willem and their Active and Playful kids

This was actually the most real life family session that I ever had in Hong Kong. Both parents didn’t really like to pose at their family photo session so we I already planned a very Playful photo session for them.

When we discussed the session we came to the conclusion that we wanted a mix of two different styles.

More journalistic and storytelling photography and the Method that I work with which mostly result in very Spontaneous and Playful images.

We both agreed this would be the best and most fun way to capture their family.

I was very happy with this because I never done a more story telling photo session and it was a big wish on my photography list.

The outcome of the session resulted in eating a lot of food, drinking coffee at a coffee bar, going to the wet markets and most of all having FUN.

One positive outcome is that we didn’t really have to worry about how the kids would behave.

As we where all exploring the Wet markets,  eating dumplings and banana. There just was not much to worry about.

 When It comes to kids and family photography I feel it is my obligation to give a family a very good time and a good experience.

If you would like to book a Careless and Playful photo session, feel free to contact me