Documentary and Storytelling photography for everyone.

How does your every day look like?
Your weekends, trips with your family, being a first time parent, spending time with your beloved one?
I guess your life does not always look like the picture perfect instagram profiles, every day smiling and being only cheerful.
On social media we see only see those “running to the camera, everyone is smiling type of photo’s”  Which is okay but would you not want to have images
that represent realistic memories?
Life is amazing, disappointing at times, happy, great, hard and sometimes even sad.
We laugh, we cry, we cuddle and get mad some times. There are so many more emotions and life is different for everyone.
Why do we not invest in family photo’s that show us life as it is RIGHT NOW.
It is time to change the perception of the way that we will preserve our memories for the future.

Let’s start to collect REAL, real moments.

So when the time is there and we are old and gray, our kids are big and we open those photo albums from the past.
We will see ourselves, us.
Because I would want to see me, my family or lover the way that I am, and they are.  I want to look back at photos that represent my LIFE as it is and how it was.

Documentary and Storytelling photography for families

A day in your life

How would you feel if I would spend just an ordinary day with your family?

That would be so much fun right? I will follow you along  a part of your day, a full day or during an activity.

No strange poses, no interfering from my side.  Just be yourself. Have breakfast, bake cookies or I will capture your

morning routines. Everything is possible.

Contact me to talk about your wishes.

Day in the life sessions

A photo session where I follow your daily routine.

Full Day Sessions: 8 hours or more
Half Day Sessions: 4 hours

On adventure sessions

A 1-2 hour photo session where I go with you and your family on an adventure.
We can plan a great activity to do together.

Yearbook sessions

We will create a customised plan to capture the milestones of your newborn baby trough out the year and create a full story of these important moments.

On Holiday Sessions

Take me with you on your family getaway. It does not have to be far but I will spend a minimum of 2 days with your family to capture all your great experiences.