A Urban photo session with your family

You must have been looking for an Urban photo session for your family other wise you would not have found this page. I am a professional and award winning children and family photographer in Hong Kong.

I have a lot of experience with City inspired back drops in in Hong Kong Island.

There are so many great places in Hong Kong to go to.  Every photographer has his own secret and favorite photography spots.

Depending on what you like there are many options in all the different areas.

So which areas do I normally work with and with locations have I been before with families?

The main locations I work are Sheung Wan and Soho because it is the area I live and I know it best.  All the hidden corners and great urban photo spots.

There is wonderful STREET ART in Soho area, you have the traditional CHINESE DOORS and CITY BACKDROP & WET MARKETS.

I want to show you the options you have if you book a Urban photo session with me.



Join Mandy, Willem, Daniel and Mae at their trip to the wet markets in Central during their Urban photo session in Hong Kong

What if I know different Urban photo shoot spots???

Lets go and discover new Urban areas in Hong Kong.

There are so many more places to discover. If you have any suggestions I will be happy to take you there.

If you have interest for a family session on a vibrant spot in Hong Kong you can check out my Family page.

So you get to know more about how I work with children and their families.

Let me bring you to Sheung Wan in a video tour

Contact me about a Urban photo session