A beautiful backyard wedding in the Netherlands

Maybe it is not fair because I am a bit biased with this wedding. Last year I got the opportunity to capture the special day of one of my best friends wedding.

They eloped on their journey through the world of 9 months. So me and my husband where one of the people that knew that they where engaged.

Luckily it was not so hard for me to keep it a secret because we are so far from the Netherlands.

It felt very special that they asked me to take photos at their wedding.

This story is just a very special one as the story behind it is not so average.

Ron and Ellen did decide to not tell anyone that they would have their wedding. They just invited everyone to their welcome back party.

It was a very exciting day because of the secret that we all shared.

Of course some of our friends did speculate about what would happen at the party but I know for sure a lot of people where surprised.

So to not to make a super long blog about this day. It was just a very special and super intimate wedding, right there in the backyard.