I often get the question from families; “what do I need to wear to my photo session?”

My first response is that you need to feel comfortable in the clothes you wear. For your kids it is important that they are able to move around with their clothes. Most of the time I want the family active and exploring so that means that you better dress in layers. When you are feeling warm from all the games you have played, it is easy to take something off.

As I am not the best stylist I have done some research on what to wear and how to combine colors for your photo session.

1. Can everybody wear the same thing?

My answer to this question is, NO..  A lot of people will refer to the white shirt and blue jeans example.  When everybody wears the same outfit or color pallet the photo will be less interesting.


keep colors neutral with one or two bright colors.

Make a colors scheme that fits all of you.

coordinate your clothes.


do not all wear the same colors or clothes.

no messy prints or big letters (that is distracting).


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2. Keep your location in mind

When you are deciding on your color scheme just start with one color or outfit and work with that.

 The one outfit will be your inspiration for the rest of the clothes.

There is a big difference in what to wear when you are going to the beach or to the park & forest. For the park/forest we will look for contrast and for the beach soft tones will work the best.

Tips for color schemes when you go to a green area like a forest or park:

Light and neutral colors always work good for my editing style.   The light colors will create a contrast against the green and darker backdrop that we have while shooting in a park or forest.

Match with the colors of the season: for spring and summer take a  neutral color and combine that with bright and contrast full colors like pink/yellow and bright blue.  For fall and winter: take a neutral color and combine it with  red tones, dark blue tones and darker yellow/orange will work nice. This will give a warm feeling to the image.

For a park or forest I also recommend long jeans to protect yourself from nasty bugs in the grass or trees.


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Tips for color scheme when you go to a beach area:

For the beach pastel tones are a very good match.

Don’t make it to neutral and combine with pastel and soft tones

Airy and comfortable clothes and shoes are a GO for a beach session so you can move around free.

Take some comfy shoes or flipflops so you can walk easily in the sand or play in the water.

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3. What else ?

What else do I need to  bring or do I need to do before a photo session??

For mommies who like to get all dressed up and in make-up,  give yourself some extra time today and feel beautiful. Take your time to do your hair and make up and finding the right accessories like a scarf or nice bracelet. It will only serve to feel more pretty an confident as I probably wont put the focus on all your accessories when capturing your family.

For dads it is good to bring some extra shirts (with warm weather it is a good idea to have some spare clothes). Besides an extra shirt bring your playful &  your active self and be the best daddy during that session. That means; playing, tickling, running and funny times.

Kids like to bring their own toys. It is also fun to take  a ball, bubble machine or bubble makers, a bike or other things they like to play with. For the beach everything to make big sand castles is a good idea.

It is always good to bring spare clothes for all of  you, just in case, bring easy shoes and some baby wipes for dirty hands and feet and of course some cool water and drinks.  It can also be very handy to take a nice big picnic blanket that match your outfit